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Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd(KHNP) is the largest electric power company in Korea. We generate approximately 29.8% of the total electric power generated in Korea(Dec. 31, 2020/ The Monthly Report on Major Electric Power Statistics). Our mission and pride, represented by the motto 'We supply a stable power source not only to enrich the quality of life but also to provide a foundation for the growth of the national economy' drives the company's development and growth.


AXTER is a leading international manufacturer of top quality waterproofing membranes including reinforced COLETANCHE bituminous geomembranes, widely used in mining and civil engineering applications around the world.

COLETANCHE is used for dams, water ponds, canal lining, erosion protection, capping of contaminated land and to prevent water to ingress into rail track formations. COLETANCHE is a robust bituminous geomembrane that does not require a protective cover such as soil or geotextile and can stay exposed to UV. It is very tough and may be safely covered by large stones without being damaged. It has remarkable dimensional stability and is not affected by changes in temperature being resistant to wrinkles formation. Its surface mass prevents wind uplift and it can be sealed under water. Best of all, the number of welding joints is reduced thanks to the 5.1 meter wide rolls.

COLETANCHE is the No.1 waterproofing solution for civil engineering and mining structures!

Onsite Branding

Since our foundation in 1973, TAEYOUNG E&C has experienced steady growth in all areas of the construction businesses, ranging from construction and civil engineering to plant construction and housing development.

Especially, TAEYOUNG E&C boasts the first and most experienced contractor in waterworks and sewage construction in Korea.

TAEYOUNG E&C seeks to become an industry leader that delivers outstanding future client value. By striking the right balance between growth and stability while maintaining principles and integrity, we will strive to be the company ever more trusted and loved by our clients.


Incorporated in 1939, DL E&C is a parent company of DL Group, which consists of 13 affiliates. As a leader in the construction sectors in Korea, we provide a wide variety of products and services. Since its first overseas project in Vietnam in 1966, the construction division successfully completed various construction, civil engineering, and plant projects in more than 40 countries worldwide. It has been recognized for its technical leadership and strong competitiveness in the global market.
Kumho E&C aspires to position itself as a leading company that considers meeting the needs of customer as its first priority. Our company also intends to make itself a fun workplace where employees can enjoy their work so that they can develop their talents and maximize their capabilities. To the end, it makes efforts to nurture talent, facilitate creative ideation and voluntary participation, and uphold a culture that emphasizes effective communication and respects diversity.
Kumho E&C is preparing for its next wave of high growth by focusing on promising areas, especially such environment areas as the water industry, nuclear power plants, and biogas facilities, based on its extensive business know-how and capabilities as well as cutting-edge technologies. We at Kumho E&C always stand firm with humble wisdom and unwavering courage in the face of obstacles and crises. All the executives and employees have turned every crisis into a new opportunity with a strong sense of unity and belonging. Our most powerful strengths are our action-oriented imagination and spirit of challenge as well as passion to confidence. With this passion, Kumho E&C is committed to become a leading general contractor in both domestic and worldwide construction industries. We will do our utmost to meet your expections.
Youngjin Construction Inc. was founded in 1973 as a civil and architecture company. We hold true to the values of the company and remain fully committed to expertise and customer service under the core vision of "happiness mangement", "ethical management" and "challenge management".
We firmly know that our success in providing quality contracting services has always been dependent on the talent and genuine commitment of our employees. Youngjin Construction Inc. has always tried its best to maintain most of the skillful and experience people who are committed to our company and our clients.
Over the decades, we have grown as a construction company in South Korea. We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as one of the most prominent construction firms in the Korean Construction Industry, performing Civil, Building, Landscape, Renewable Energy and Electrical works.
We have expanded our company and extended our international construction market, with branch offices in Uganda and East Timor and two subsidiary companies in Poland and Vietnam. We believe that the attention to details established over the years in our construction market will help us to bring a greater level of service and expertise to the civil and building construction market. Thank you for your interest in Youngjin Construction Inc. Our completed projects are always available on our website for review. We look forward to getting to know you and work with you.
Established in 1952, Hanwha provides new and distinguishing products and services in manufacturing, engineering & construction, finance, and service & leisure fields with 56 domestic affiliates and other 249 global networks. Pioneering new business areas, Hanwha has been celebrating continued growth, and is taking up the challenges for better human life by gearing up with distinguished competitiveness in solar energy, defense, and petrochemical industries.
We have significantly contributed to upgrade the civil engineering and construction technology in Korea

KOLON Global Corporation has successfully completed major civil construction works such as highways, subways, bridges, industrial complexes, land development and SOC projects and has been recognized as a high-tech company. In particular, we have successfully constructed the 4.6 km-long Jukryeong tunnel (the longest road tunnel in Korea), Misiryeong Tunnel, Incheon International Airport Highway and Seoul Outer Ring Highway. In addition, we have top-notch technologies and methods, including TBM, NATM under-peening and TSP. On the other hand, KGC is engaged with wind power business in the field of renewable energy. We plan to expand the business to marine wind power generation based on projects such as Gyeongju wind power plant, Yangyang wind power plant, Taebak Gadeok Mountain wind power plant.
Established in 1947, Hyundai E&C, as a representative construction company, has driven the globalization of the Korean construction industry as a key player in the economic development of Korea.

Hyundai E&C incorporates its profound expertise and experience from countless global projects with technology innovation to carry out civil engineering, architecture, housing, plant engineering, power plants, energy plants, and nuclear power plant projects for higher customer satisfaction.

We will continue to lead the industry in providing customized solutions with creative and out-of-the-box thinking as we remain agile in the changing market environment. We will break away from the traditional construction-oriented business structure to offer total engineering solutions encompassing designing, engineering, and operations. By venturing into new markets overseas, and establishing an optimized management infrastructure, we will pursue the diversification of overseas projects and become a global EPCM company that leads the construction business worldwide.
GS E&C has established its status as a top-ranking company domestically since its foundation in 1969 by achieving tremendous growth in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, housing, plant, environment and power plant.

Through continuous development of its human resources, acquisition of technologies, determined challenges and practices, GS E&C has set forth the stepping stones to leap as a Global Leading Company.

As we continue to pursue global competency of our core business, GS E&C will continue its stable growth through systematic risk management and substantial management.

GS E&C promises to devote ourselves to management with utmost priority in customer’s value.
Since its establishment, Ssangyong Engineering & Construction has taken the initiative to create convenient and enriching homes for people. Based on the corporate philosophy, ‘Quality Comes First’, the company is committed to providing the maximum customer satisfaction.
Ssangyong E&C has established its reputation as one of the top high-end construction companies in Korea by building over 16,000 rooms in high-end luxurious hotels including “Marina Bay Sands,” known as the landmark of Singapore and ‘the miracle of the 21st century.’ It also built state-of-the-art hospitals with a total of 12,000 beds, along with other numerous luxury accommodations and intelligent buildings. As for advanced civil engineering projects, Ssangyong E&C is leading the way in construction of roads, subways, bridges and tunnels. In particular, for the construction of Singapore’s Marina Coastal Expressway and Downtown Line (DTL), the company has recorded 10 million and 16.75 million accident free man-hours, respectively.
Daewoo E&C has been a leader in the construction industry in South Korea since its founding in 1973, realizing best value for its customers through its dedication to change and challenge and its passion for innovation.

Daewoo E&C is recognized as a world-renowned global construction company, and aims to be a Global Top 20 by 2025. Our wide range of businesses includes infrastructures, industrial facilities (including oil and gas plants), skyscrapers, and other buildings. We are also dedicated to leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the development of new and exciting technologies. We are committed to IT-based research and development, as well as an expansion into new business areas, creating the highest possible enterprise values and a better future for people everywhere.
Since its foundation in 1968, SAMAN is a No. 1 multidisciplinary engineering firm in Korea and our excellence has been proved in many of the major domestic and international construction and development projects. SAMAN has led Korean construction engineering in the fields of Water Supply and Sewerage, Water Resources and Hydro Power, Railroad and Subway, Harbor and Coastal, Highway and Airport, Urban Planning, Environment, and Transportation. SAMAN is also active in planning, designing and supervising many infrastructure projects, funded by public and private agency as well as Multilateral Development Bank (MDB).
DAHIM is different.

Established in August 2017, DAHIM E&C has secured a continuous growth engine that leads the field of the structural framework based on our experiences and constant technological innovation

In addition, we have introduced Building Information Modeling (BIM), a new platform for the construction industry in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, and actively invested in the informatization of the construction. Through this, we have secured unique technology in the field of structural framework. We are now reborn as a company most suitable for the information society.

That explains why DAHIM E&C is different.

Going forward, DAHIM E&C will be committed to emerging as a professional company that leads the construction industry in the information society.

Thank you.
Established in 2002, HASONG Construction Inc. has been steadily growing in business areas such as civil engineering, architecture and real estate development.
HASONG Construction Inc. is creating new values and construction services based on the management ideology of “think ahead, bright future” and the know-how accumulated in various bussiness field. HASONG Construction Inc. will try to lead a transparent construction culture through social responsibility management fulfill and a corporate culture faithful to the basics.
Lumirite Water Korea Co., Ltd. is preparing for a new leap forward with pure domestic technology and striving to develop more differentiated technology and talent for more creative management.

We will develop into a company that contributes to environmental protection and preservation and enables the promotion of natural purification capabilities through the domestic distribution of technologies and materials that is pursuing the ecological restoration and the improvement of the water quality of dams, lakes and rivers.

Our company promises to always do its best to become a leader in all areas of the environmental industry, including water environment improvement and aquatic ecological restoration projects.

Thank you.
Daechang Inc. was founded in 1995 as a Manufacturing of Pre-cast Concrete company. Daechang has successfully completed major Pre-cast Concrete works such as Water supply, Sewage, highways, subways, bridges, industrial complexes, land development and SOC projects.
Our company is striving for research and development to focus on humans and the environment and respond quickly to customer needs. We are doing our best today for the high added value of concrete products.
Founded in 1988, it has grown rapidly to electrical construction, firefighting system installation works, information and communications construction, housing construction, landscaping works, industrial & environmental equipment construction, and overseas construction business since it obtained a general construction license in 1994. Godeok Construction Co., Ltd. led Korea's architectural luxury for eco-friendly architecture, informatization architecture, and high-tech architecture and won the Minister of Public Safety and Security's citation, the Fair Trade Commission's citation, and construction day Industrial Service Medal. All executives and employees are leading the future-oriented architectural culture of customer satisfaction based on the quality management system and are striving to secure transparency in management and expand social contribution activities through ethical management.
Established in 1991, SOOSUNG is a top-tier civil engineering consulting firm providing a full range of consultancy services in domestic as well as overseas countries.

SOOSUNG is one of the most preferred firms by the Government Agencies and Project Developers for providing highly reliable and quality guaranteed services, which resulted in achieving over 4,000 of completed project records across the globe.

SOOSUNG has achieved an immense track record in not only providing engineering services but also managing civil works contracts under the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for projects funded by MDBs (ADB, WB, EBRD, AIIB, AfDB, CABEI).

Through our outstanding technical competence, SOOSUNG has been recently enlisted as one of Top 225 International Design Firms of ENR in 2021.
Dasan Consultants is a construction engineering company established in 1993. It carries out planning, design, construction supervision & management, and safety diagnosis in the fields of transportation, water & environment, land development, and energy & plant. DASAN proves its technical competence through its experiences more than 2,000 projects in 40 countries and has been successfully working with various clients and international financial institutions. Through continuous research and development of engineering technologies, DASAN was honoured with “Civil Engineering Grand Prize” in 2011, 2016, 2020 and “Presidential Award” for an excellent completion of Cheonsa Bridge in 2020.
DOHWA Engineering Co.,
LTD. is South Korea’s top-ranked multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm.

DOHWA Engineering Co., LTD., is the Number 1 ranking multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm in South Korea that provides Planning, Feasibility Studies, Design, Analysis, Testing, Supervision, Commissioning, Evaluation/Assessment, and Consulting and Training Services in all areas of Engineering such as the Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment, Water Resources Management, Urban Planning, Road Traffic, Structures, Harbor and Ports, Rail, Environmental Engineering, etc.

DOHWA is also expanding its businesses to become the EPC services provider that covers not only pure engineering areas such as Design and Supervision but also the Design of Constructions, Procurement and Supply of Materials, Construction Works, Commissioning, Permits and Licenses, etc. DOHWA is a global engineering company that has been the first-of-its-kind in Korea, and is exceeding expectations by providing the best engineering services to bring about a brighter future.

Onsite Branding

Core Institute of Hydrological Survey Making Safe, Clear and Nature-minded Water

As a public institute specialized in the hydrological survey, the Korea Institute of Hydrological Survey(KIHS) focuses on processing and analyzing the national data on water resources like streamflow, sediment, evapotranspiration and soil moisture. Moreover, KIHS strives to develop water-related technologies. Through our tasks, we have endeavored to improve public water welfare by mitigating the floods damage and stabilized supply of the clear water.