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Located just 107 km from Cancun, is the wonderful natural park "Aktun chen" that in Mayan means cave with cenote inside.

This cenote is the only one in the Riviera Maya where swimming is not allowed, due to the slow circulation of water and a sediment layer of calcium carbonate of more than 7 meters thick, which is very fragile and with a minimum movement of Water is dispersed by muddying the water and ending with all the beauty of this beautiful sanctuary of nature.

The cave can be visited by anyone, regardless of age, as long as the person can walk alone, has even been visited by people who require the help of a cane, as well as people who suffer from claustrophobia; This is because during the tour of the cave, in addition to the entrance and exit, there are three natural vents to the jungle, making it very ventilated and not causing a feeling of closure.

One of the main objectives of this visit is to make visitors aware of the history, importance and formation of a natural water system of this magnitude.


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