Programme  OS5g Human rights and local participation
Date (YYYY-mm-dd) Début (hh:mm:ss) Fin (hh:mm:ss) Traduction Type Salle
2008-09-0311:3013:00noordinary session Joffre C-D

OS5g Human rights and local participation

Responsable: Wallace Mayne

Session abstracts
  1. Rainwater Tanks in Schools – Learning Water Conservation from the Corrugated Iron Sheets - Author: Amit Chanan
  2. Community perceptions of water quality and current institutional arrangements in the Great Barrier Reef region of Australia - Author: Silva Larson
  3. Getting Access Right - Author: Irit Eguavoen
  4. Local water governance in South Africa: to which extent participatory approaches facilitate multi-stakeholder negotiations? The Kat River Valley experience - Author: S. Farolfi
  5. Drawing Water for Thirsty Lands: Stories of the Closing Krishna River Basin in South India - Author: Jean Philippe Venot
  6. A Human Right to Water for Food Production? - Author: Inga T. Winkler

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