Programme  SSq2 Scientific and technological innovation in water management in Japan and proportion of international collaboration (Part 2)
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2008-09-0211:3013:00nospecial session Joffre C-D

SSq2 Scientific and technological innovation in water management in Japan and proportion of international collaboration (Part 2)

Organised by: Japan national committee of international Water Resources Association

Coordinator: Akira Terakawa (e-mail:

Keynote speech
  • Water Issues in the Monsoon Asia including Japan” Speaker : Prof. Katsumi MUSIAKE (Professor of the Cluster of Science and Technology, Fukushima University)
The lecture introduces an outline of various issues in water management in Asian monsoon region, which is characterized by climatic and hydrological conditions under the influence of seasonal wind.

  • “Current Status of Water Administration in Japan focusing on adaptation to climate change”. By Mr. Takashi OZAWA (Director of the River Planning Coordination Office, River Planning Division, River Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure Transport and Tourism)
The lecture introduces various issues Japan’s river administration faces today and how the government is handling them to solve, focusing on adaptation measures to possible global climate change.

  • “Conservation and Restoration Technology for River Environment”. By Mr. Masahiko NAITOU (Deputy Director of Research Division 4, Foundation for Riverfront Improvement and Restoration)
The lecture introduces activities for conserving and restoring nature-rich river environment, including recent technical research and development in the field.
  • “Application of Information Technology in River Management”. By Mr. Motoharu SEKIZAWA (Director of the Contents Development Division, Foundation of River and Basin Integrated Communications)
The lecture introduces current status and trend for applying information technology to disseminate river related information to public through various media.
  • “Activities to Promote International Collaboration in Water Management”. By Mr. Akira TERAKAWA (Deputy Director of the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management (ICHARM), Public Works Research Institute)
The lecture introduces activities to promote international collaboration in the field of river and water resources management, including ICHARM (International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management), IFNet (International Flood Network) and NARBO (Network of River Basin Organizations), etc.
  • “Global Alert System for Heavy Rainfall Using Satellite Rainfall Data. By Mr. Kazuhisa ITO (Director of 2nd Research Department, Infrastructure Development Institute)
The lecture introduces the Global Flood Alert System (GFAS), one of the key components of IFNet activities, which is to issue alert of heavy rainfall based on the satellite based rainfall data.
  • “Promotion of Collaboration for Solving Water Issues in the Asia-Pacific Region”. By Mr. Kenichi TSUKAHARA (Project Leader, Japan Water Forum)
The lecture introduces collaborative scheme for solving a wide range of water issues in Asia Pacific region, focusing on the major outcome of Asian Pacific Water Summit (APWS) to be held at Beppu Japan in December 2007.

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