Programme  SSg1 Transboundary aquifers (Part 1)
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SSg1 Transboundary aquifers (Part 1)

Organised by: Academie de l'Eau, France; University Partners for Transboundary Waters, USA; Kings College, London, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Naho Mirumachi (e-mail:, Dareen Nazzal (e-mail:, Lynette de Silva (e-mail:

  • Introduction, By Mr Jean Margat, Hydrogeologist, vice-chairman of the Plan Bleu and advisor of the French Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM), member of the French Water Academy.
  • The draft articles on the law of transboundary aquifers by the UN-International Law’s Commission. By Mrs Alice AURELI, Programme Specialist in charge of aquifer systems and groundwater resources management, IHP - International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO
  • The WHYMAP project. By Wilhelm STRUCKMEIER, Director, International Cooperation, Groundwater, BGR.
  • The Sahara and Sahel aquifers. By Mr Ousmane S. DIALLO, Water Programme Coordinator, Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS).
  • The Franco-Swiss joint management of the aquifer of Geneva. By Bernard GAUD, International Commission for the Protection of Lake Geneva (CIPEL).
  • The underground waters of the carboniferous limestone shared between France, Flanders and Wallonia. By Mr Arnould Lefébure, Secretary General, the Sheld International Commission (CIE), member of the French Water Academy.
  • Application of the European Directive on water to the Peipsi lake shared between Estonia and Russia. By Didier PENNEQUIN, head of the water department at BRGM
  • Transboundary aquifers in Argentina. By Lilian DEL CASTILLO-LABORDE, Counselor, Plata Basin Coordination Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, Argentina
  • The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and the International Network of Learning Centers Project. By Mr Jean-François DONZIER, Director General, International Office for Water (IOW), member of the French Water Academy.
  • Good Practices and Portfolio Learning within GEF Transboundary Freshwater and Marine Legal and Institutional Frameworks. By Richard Kyle Paisley, IAR, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Bo Bricklemyer, Aquatic Resources Conservation Group, Port Townsend, Washington, USA; Glen Hearns, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, at or 604-505-6609; Boris Graizbord, El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico; Cuauhotemoc Leon, El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico
Joint conclusive round table between the French Water Academy, London King’s college and Oregon State University

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