Programme  SSi Water in Mountains
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2008-09-0116:0017:30yesspecial session Einstein

SSi Water in Mountains

Organised by: Institut de la Montagne, France

Coordinator: Carmen de Jong (e-mail:


 Special Session Water in Mountains”


Session Room: SSi, Einstein (translation French/English)


1st September 2008, 16:00- 17:30


Convenor: Carmen de Jong









Introduction : Stakeholder-driven Water Management strategies against Water Scarcity in the Alps and beyond

Carmen de Jong

Scientific Director, The Mountain Institute, University of Savoy, France


Adapting to increased climatic variability in mountain communities requires an assessment of the water footprint and a focus on green water management

Hans Schreier

Professor emeritus, Institute for Resources & Environment, University of British Columbia, Canada


Mountain Hydrology in a Changing Environment: Experiences from Austria

Hans Peter Nachtnebel

Director, Department of Water-Atmosphere-Environment, BOKU, Vienna, Austria


Man-induced and natural changes in the level of three subalpine lakes of the Western Alps (Lakes Geneva, Annecy and Bourget)

Olivier Pellegrin(1) & Jean-Paul Bravard(2)

(1) PhD student and (2) Professor, Depart. Of Geography, University of Lyon, France


Climate change impact studies on water resources : application to glacier-fed hydropower production systems in the Swiss Alps

Bettina Schaefli

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands


Snow pack in the Pyrenees: relevance for water management, observed trends and projections for the 21st century

José Ignacio López Moreno Postdoc, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología, Zaragossa, Spain


Principles of large scale karst discharge modelling in the Mount Hermon region

Alon Rimmer

Associate Scientist, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Ltd, Israel


Final Discussion (including publication)



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