Programme  OS4g Risk management 1
Date Begin End Translation Type Room
2008-09-0408:3010:00noordinary session Joffre A-B

OS4g Risk management 1

Chairman: Tay Teck Kiang

Session abstracts
  1. Retention potential in river headstream areas - Author: Jan Kocum
  2. Flood management at the basin level in France: equity and acceptability of rural-urban risk–sharing policies - Author: Katrin Erdlenbruch
  3. Predict's experience of assistance of local communities for flood management. - Author: Alix Roumagnac
  4. Flash flood risk management in real time for assistance to coordinators - Author: Emma Haziza
  5. Optimization the Operation of Bakhtegan Lake Basin’s Dams in Flood Control Aspect - Author: Ali Torabi Haghigh
  6. Dam break simulation by means of a high resolution algorithm applied to La Parota, Guerrero, México - Author: Maritza Arganis

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