Programme  OS1q Hydrological diagnosis and forecasting: complex aquifers  abstract 901

Transfer functions in a karst watershed using correlation and spectral analyses

Author(s): Case of the Coulazou watershed, Aumelas-Thau karst system, South of France
Author(s): Vincent Bailly- Comte, Hervé Jourde, Séverin Pistre
Laboratoire HydroSciences Montpellier Maison des Sciences de l’Eau, UM2, Montpellier – France

Keyword(s): karst, subterranean hydrodynamics, transfer functions, flash flood

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Session: OS1q Hydrological diagnosis and forecasting: complex aquifers
AbstractThis work aims at assessing

rainfall/runoff and runoff/runoff relationships in a karst watershed. Rain gauges and gauging stations allow estimating

River flow which reaches and leaves the karst aquifer. Correlation analyses are firstly used to describe rainfall/runoff

transfer functions upstream and downstream from the karst aquifer. Then, correlation and spectral analyses applied

to a runoff/runoff relationship are used to understand how flood waves in the River are modified through the karst

aquifer. It is shown that frequency response is a suitable data analysis tool which highlights various processes

occurring on different time scale: surface flow routing, exceeding of the infiltration rate of the karst drainage network

and karst contribution to surface flows.

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