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Groundwater Hydrochemistry of the Eastern Area of the Northern Algerian Sahara – Identification of an Endemic Fluorosis Risk.

Author(s): Nora Bouchahm
Nora Bouchahm* et Samia Achour** *Auteur principale. Chargée de Recherche Scientifique et Technique sur les régions Arides, Biskra, Algérie Internet: Courriel : Adresse : CRSTRA, BP 1682 RP, 07000 Biskra, Algé

Keyword(s): Hydrochimie, minéralisation, cartographie, fluor, fluorose,

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Session: Poster session 2
AbstractThe main part of the water resources for the Algerian south provides for

groundwater. In this paper we will present the various types of aquifers exploited in the area of the northern Algerian

Sahara. We will give an outline on the exploitable groundwater potentialities, taking into account the diversity of the

formations and of the geological structures as well as importance of the food of the tablecloths, we will present a

classification of these aquifers. The presentation of the results of our water sampling campaign of the various

underground tablecloths exploited in all the Eastern area of the northern Sahara, will enable us to read out

hydrochimic as complete as possible water of these water tables and to define the physicochemical Characteristics of

the water used in the studied area as it is for the drinking water supply or the irrigation of the cultures. In end we will

expose the encountered problems from the quality point of view of this water and the various proposals to cure these

problems with respect to the public health and of the factor of scarcity of this element which it water.

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