IWRA Webinar – N°14

Climate Change & Adaptive Water Management

19 April 2018

This webinar built on the special issue of Water International on “Climate Change and Adaptive Water Management: Innovative Solutions from the Global South“, produced in close collaboration with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).  It presented several projects supported by IDRC on water and climate change adaptation in developing countries, bringing together IWRA’s most geographically diverse group of panellists ever!

Distinguished speakers discussed the key need for both ongoing research and projects in Global South vulnerable areas to include bottom-up engagement.  For example, making allies with the informal sector, which can result in more successful management and regulation.  Deeper engagement is also highlighted under a cross-sectorial approach, looking at the linkages between groups such as city dwellers, agricultural producers, and the energy sector interests.  The presenters also pointed to the importance of an interdisciplinary framework to water research, combining insights from both qualitative data and information.  Finally, the panellists made emphasis to consider a broad range of factors for water stress adaptation, with climate change being only one of many related and reinforcing issues.

Almost 170 registrants participated in this webinar, while distinguished speakers included Mutasem Fadel, American University of Beirut; Oscar Melo, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Veena Srinivasan, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment; Kamal Vatta, Columbia Water Center, India; Allan Cain, Development Workshop, Angola; Charlotte MacAlister, International Development Research Centre.  This webinar was moderated by Scott McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia.

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