Deadline Extension – Join IWRA’s Water Quality Task Force by 8 December!

IWRA is glad to announce the launch of its Water Quality Task Force, with an open call for panellists.  The Association is presently seeking experts from around the world to join its WQ Task Force, to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of the water resources through the WQ Project with strong support of the World Water Council.  The WQ Task Force will be made up of selected IWRA members, supported by its Executive Board and Secretariat.  Panellists will have the opportunity to:

  1. Contribute to a compendium on global water quality guidelines.  Panellists will help to review and finalise the report entitled “Global Compendium on Water Quality Guidelines for Different Uses: Which Water Quality for Which Use?”, to be published in 2018.
  2. Help scope the development of future projects related to water quality.
  3. Interact and create meaningful networks and relationships with other IWRA members, as well as to contribute to projects and initiatives that otherwise would be inaccessible for individual professionals in the field.

As recognition of these contributions by the panel, IWRA will feature a short personal profile of each selected and active panellist on its website, as well as referencing panellists in the Compendium.

For more information and specific details of the Water Quality Task Force, please access the Terms of Reference by clicking here and the dedicated webpage –

We ask all interested applicants to submit a short 2-page CV and a 1-page covering letter stating why they wish to join and how their expertise would assist the task force to office@iwra.orgno later than December 8, 2017. Female applicants and experts from developing countries are especially encouraged.