Become a World Water Envoy at the World Water Congress!

In 2020, between the 11th of May and the 15th of May, IWRA organises the XVII World Water Congress, in Daegu, South Korea.   

This Congress is the largest event linking water researchers and policy practitioners in the world. In its XVIIth edition since 1973, the congress focuses on a key, timely theme, on the “Foundations for Global Water Security and Resilience: Knowledge, Technology and Policy”. We know water security can be endangered in many ways: water scarcity, natural hazards, conflicts, contaminants… the challenges and priorities are multiple, complex and diverse. 

That is why for this Congress, we want to hear some different voices and stories from  around the world, from representatives of the next generations to showcase the issues they face when it comes to Water Security during the next XVII World Water Congress. Selected representatives will be called “World Water Envoys”.

What does it mean to be a World Water Envoy? 

During the opening ceremony of the Congress, the World Water Envoys will have the opportunity to talk about one particular water security challenge they face in their community and the impacts it has on everyday lifeThey will then have the chance to discuss this issue in more detail over the following days with experts attending the Congress, and then will be asked to summarise in the Closing Ceremony what they have learned over the week, and what connections they made that might help their community to overcome its water security challenge.

If you are selected, you will be covered with your travelling arrangements, hotel accommodation and registration to come and tell the international water community much more in person in Daegu next year!

What are the conditions to become a World Water Envoy? 

The candidates should be younger than 35 years old, and be able to talk about  their situation in public and in English. It doesn’t matter where the candidates come from, but their community must have a water security issue that it is struggling to overcome.

How can someone apply?

Film yourself with your phone or your laptop, and introduce the situation faced by your community, explaining what the problem is and how it is impacting you or your neighbours.You should be able to tell us in less than 2 minutes about this. 

In addition, take one digital photo that you think best sums up the impact of poor water security on your community. You should be the author of the photo. 

Finally, send us the information form completed

Send the video, photo and form to, before the 30th of November. 

If you want to know more about the Terms and Conditions of the competition, please click here.

We look forward to your applications!