Alice Colson

Deputy Executive Director

During her years of service with IWRA, Alice’s Project Officer position has evolved tremendously. Alice is now involved in the strategic development of several Executive Committees, including the network of members and its hosting platform, which she manages.

Alice is also in charge of coordinating some membership based task forces of experts, organizing sessions at several major international events, and acting as focal point for the thematic framework of the World Water Forums.

Last but not least, Alice is coordinating the Young Water Ambassadors Programme at the XVII World Water Congress.

Alice is based in Windhoek, Namibia, a country hit by an unprecedented drought, where the stakes around water resources are many. Alice speaks French, English and Spanish.

Alice holds a Master Degree in Risk Management in the Global South and Political Science. Her previous experiences in Project Risk Analysis and Disaster Risk Reduction make her particularly concerned by the issues of risk reduction and climate change adaptation.