IWRA Celebrates its 47th Anniversary!

This 2018, IWRA celebrates its 47th anniversary, having been established on November 29th, 1971 in the United States.  Since then, the Association has grown to become a preeminent key actor working internationally for the sustainable use and management of the world’s water resources.

IWRA is glad to share this important moment with its members, who play such an instrumental role in the International Water Resources Association’s past, present and future.  We thank all members that contributed to our story, shared their knowledge and expertise, committed to our projects and activities, and helped to make us what we are today.  Similarly, we welcome new members, including students, young professionals, academics, scientists, professionals, policy makers, organisations and institutions that will continue to help build a meaningful and rewarding future for IWRA by promoting water resources research, by generating and sharing knowledge, and by working to bridge the science and policy arenas.

Over the last year, IWRA actively worked and engaged with members, partners and supporters in line with its mission, strategic directions and objectives in multiple ways.  This included launching the organisation of the XVII World Water Congress to be held in Daegu, Korea (11-15 May, 2020); the publication of eight issues of its flagship journal Water International and a new IWRA Policy Briefs Green Series exclusively for members; networking at multiple scales, including the World Water Forum, the Korea International Water Week 2018 and eight IWRA webinars; the launch of two main reports on Water Quality and Smart Water Management with the help of dedicated member-led tasks forces; as well as many other activities and initiatives to be found at www.iwra.org.

IWRA looks forward to continuing to work closely with its membership and the international water community, while supporting global development agendas for the sustainable use and management of the water resources in years to come!