IWRA’s Second 50th Anniversary High Level Panel

“A Conversation on Water: The Past Informing Water Futures”

April 29th

Following the successful first IWRA 50th Anniversary High Level Panel hosted last month, the Association held a second dedicated panel to celebrate this major landmark in the history of the Association!

This 90-minute high level panel to took place on Thursday, April 29th from 10:00 am to 11:30 am Central European Time (CET).  The panel’s discussions focused on the Association’s roots in Asia, looking at past, present and future water challenges from the perspective of key IWRA members and chapters in the three countries of Northeast Asia.

The list of distinguished panellists included:

James E. Nickum

Professorial Research Associate, Centre for Water and Development, SOAS; Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, East-West Center; IWRA Fellow member, Editor-In-Chief Water International; IWRA Board of Directors (2007-2019)

Soontak Lee

Honorary Governor World Water Council, Distinguished Prof./ Prof. Emeritus Yeungnam University; President of IHES; Chair of IWRA Korea Geographic Committee (1979-2005); IWRA Board of Directors (1995-1997)

Kaoru Takara

Professor and Dean, Kyoto University Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability; Chair of IWRA Japanese Chapter; IWRA Board of Directors (2013-2015)

Patricia Wouters

Director, International Water Law Academy, University of Wuhan; IWRA Board of Directors (2001-2003)

Jun Xia

Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chair Professor & Director, Research Institute for Water Security (RIWS), Wuhan University; IWRA President (2010-2012)

A record of the Second IWRA 50th Anniversary High Level Panel will be posted soon on our website, so that you can listen to the presentations.
In case of any related questions you can contact us at office@iwra.org.