Submit your 2022 nominations for IWRA Fellow and Honorary Members❗

Call for Nominations
IWRA Honorary and Fellow Members
Deadline: July 31, 2022

IWRA is pleased to announced that the deadline for Honorary and Fellow award nominations has been extended.

IWRA members are encouraged to submit their nominations by e-mail to, by Sunday, July 31, 2022.

Honorary Members

Fellow Members

An IWRA Honorary Member is the highest honour bestowed by IWRA and is awarded to those who have made significant contributions to the field of water resources and/or attained acknowledged eminence in a field of water resources, as determined by the Executive Board upon recommendation of the Membership and Awards Committees. An IWRA Honorary awarded Membership provides free membership for life to an individual.

Honorary Membership is awarded to:

1.  An external water professional or policymaker who has had a profound and distinguished career in the field of water resources; or
2. An IWRA member who has made an outstanding and sustainable contribution to the water resources world.

Find more information about the nomination guidelines for Honorary Members here.

The IWRA Fellow member is granted to an existing IWRA member who has been with IWRA for at least ten years and has made major contributions to IWRA, been involved in the field of water resources management, held a position of high responsibility, and attained a high level of academic qualification, or carried high responsibilities in the field of water resources management.

IWRA Fellows receive discounted membership for life. Find more information about the nomination guidelines for Fellow Members here.

Please note: If you have been an IWRA member for 10 years or more, we strongly encourage you to self-nominate for the Fellow membership award.

Thank you for your nominations!

Are you  interested in nominating an honorary or fellow members, but don’t have an IWRA membership? Click here to learn more about our different membership packages and benefits.