Smart Water Management Project – Call for Panellists!

IWRA is excited to be collaborating with K-water (the Korea Water Resources Corporation) and water experts from around the world on the new Smart Water Management (SWM) Project.

What is Smart Water Management?

Smart Water Management (SWM) uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and real-time data and responses as an integral part of the solution for water management challenges. SWM is becoming an area of increasing interest as governments from around the world integrate smart principles into their urban, regional and national strategies.  The potential application of smart systems in water management is wide and includes solutions for water quality, water quantity, efficient irrigation, leaks, pressure and flow, floods, droughts and much more.

By applying SWM infrastructure such as sensors, smart meters, monitors, GIS and satellite mapping, and other data sharing tools to water management, real-time solutions can be implemented and broader networks can work together to reduce current water management challenges.

The Smart Water Management Project

To support the continued growth of SWM, IWRA is partnering with K-water (the Korea Water Resources Corporation) to better understand and promote the benefits of SWM solutions through the SWM Project.  The main output of this collaboration will be the Smart Water Management Case Studies Report, which aims to promote the continued implementation of SWM by sharing the knowledge and insights gained by exemplary SWM projects from around the world.

Objectives of the SWM Project

• Promote the use of SWM for current water challenges
• Showcase and provide insights from exemplary cases of SWM from around the world
• Support future SWM projects by highlighting the enablers and barriers for SWM to decision makers
• Identify the contribution SWM can offer in achieving the SDGs

Who is involved?

IWRA has received SWM case studies from over 25 countries from around the world as part of this project, and is currently finalising the selection of case studies for the Report. IWRA and K-water will work with the case studies leaders, and other experts interested in SWM to create the SWM Case Studies Report over the next year.  While we are in the final stages of case study selection, IWRA is always interested in hearing about new SWM projects, and so encourage you to share your SWM stories with us at:

Call for Panellists – SWM Task Force

The Association is glad to launch the debut of IWRA’s Smart Water Management Task Force.  With an open call for panellists, IWRA is currently seeking experts from around the world to join its SWM Task Force, to make a meaningful contribution to SWM through the SWM Project with K-water.  The SWM Task Force will be made up of selected IWRA members, supported by its Executive Board and Secretariat. Panellists will have the opportunity to:

1. Contribute to the new joint Smart Water Management Project with other experts in SWM from around the world
2. Interact and create meaningful networks and relationships among IWRA members within their professional discipline, as well as to contribute to projects and initiatives that otherwise would be inaccessible for individual professionals in the field

As recognition of these contributions by the panel, IWRA will feature a short personal profile of each selected and active panellist on its website, as well as referencing panellists in the SWM Case Studies Report.

If you are interested in SWM and feel your experience would enable you to contribute to this Task Force, we are interesting in hearing from you.  We ask all interested applicants to submit a short 2-page CV and a short 1-page covering letter stating why they wish to join and how their expertise would assist the SWM Task Force no later than November 1st, 2017, to

Please access the Terms of Reference for more information by clicking here.