Deadline Extension! Call for Abstracts – Smart Water Management Case Studies

IWRA is excited to announce its joint project with K-water on smart water management (SWM).  Together with K-water, IWRA is seeking SWM experts from around the world to identify and promote case studies illustrating the benefits of SWM for sustainable development.

Selected SWM case studies will be presented within the 2018 Smart Water Management Report, and will be part of a cross-case analysis to provide greater insights into the impact SWM projects can have in achieving the sustainable development goals.

At a time when data is part of people’s everyday lives, SWM is set to be at the core of any contemporary integrated water resource management strategy.  IWRA is therefore seeking a variety of SWM projects from around the world that are using information and communication technology (ICT) to create innovative solutions to water management challenges including droughts, floods, irrigation, water quality, water quantity, wastewater recycling and much more.

We are seeking SWM projects from a diversity of geographic locations, of all scales, which represent a variety of social, environmental and economic factors, water resource challenges and SWM solutions.

Selected SWM projects will be developed into case studies with the assistance of IWRA and K-water to enable key lessons to be identified, and the challenges and opportunities shared in order for these case studies to become stepping-stones for future SWM projects.

In addition to appearing within the report, selected case studies will be presented at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia, Brazil and will be discussed during Korea International Water Week and the XVII World Water Congress.

For more information and specific details on these case studies please access the Terms of Reference by clicking here.  Any related queries can be sent to Stephanie Kuisma by email to the following address:


Call for Abstracts

K-water and IWRA welcome abstracts on SWM projects from around the world on all scales, locations and solutions. Case studies from developing countries are highly encouraged. Experts involved in such projects and who would like to share their stories are welcome to submit an abstract.

All abstract submissions to be sent now to Stephanie Kuisma at: by 15 September 2017. Earlier submissions are appreciated. We look forward to receiving your submissions.