Best Paper Award

The wining papers are selected from all papers published in the last three volumes of the IWRA official journal, Water International (WI). Nomination is made by a jury of the Editorial Board of WIn and vetted through the Awards Committee of IWRA.



Please note that Best Paper articles since 2005 are free to access for non-members.

2013:  Two awardees:

Two honourable mentions were awarded:


2012: Suvi Sojamo, Martin Keulertz, Jeroen Warner and John Anthony (Tony) Allan for the article "Virtual water hegemony: the role of agribusiness in global water governance" (in Water International, volume 37, issue 2, 2012)

Two papers deserved honourable mention:


2011: There are two winners for 2011:

An honourable mention is awarded to Andrea K. Gerlak, Robert G. Varady et al. for Hydrosolidarity and beyond: can ethics and equity find a place in today's water resource management?


2010: James C. Bathurst, Jaime Amezaga, Felipe Cisneros, Marcelo Gaviño Novillo, Andrés Iroumé, Mario A. Lenzi, Juan Mintegui Aguirre, Miriam Miranda and Adriana Urciuolo for the article: "Forests and floods in Latin America: science, management, policy and the EPIC FORCE project" (in Water international, Volume 35, Issue 2).

2009: Simon E. Cook, Myles J. Fisher, Meike S. Andersson, Jorge Rubiano and Mark Giordano for the article: "Water, food and livelihoods in river basins" (in Water international, Volume 34, Issue 1).

2008: Neil S. Grigg for the article: "Integrated water resources management: balancing views and improving practice" (in Water international, Volume 33, Issue 3).


2007: two recipients were awarded:

2006: B. Swallow, N. Johnson, R. Meinzen-Dick, A. Knoxfor for the article: "The Challenges of Inclusive Cross-Scale Collective Action in Watersheds" (in Water international, Volume 31, Issue 3).


2005: C. Sadoff and D. Grey for the article: "Cooperation on International Rivers: A Continuum for Securing and Sharing Benefits" (in Water international, Volume 30, Issue 4).


2004: Vladimir Smakhtin, Carmen Revenga and Petra Döll for the article: "A pilot global assessment of environmental water requirements and scarcity" (in Water international, Volume 29, Issue 3).


2003: Salman M.A. Salman for the article in two parts: "From Marrakesh through The Hague to Kyoto: Has the global debate on water reached a dead end?". Part One in Water international, Volume 28, Issue 4 and Part Two in Water international, Volume 29, Issue 1.


2002: Ximing Cai and Mark W. Rosegrant for the article in two parts: "Global water demand and supply projections", Part One: "A Modeling Approach" and Part Two: "Results and Prospects to 2025" in Water international, Volume 27, Issue 2.