Brasil Oyapock River (Tom Peyre Costa 2010)
Bubbles (Tom Peyre Costa 2008)
Spain Cabdella (Tom Peyre Costa 2010)
Spain Drought (Tom Peyre Costa2010)

IWRA is an international network of multidisciplinary experts on water resources. We are a non-profit, non-governmental, educational organisation established in 1971. IWRA provides a global, knowledge based, forum for bridging disciplines and geographies by connecting professionals, students, individuals, corporations and institutions who are concerned with the sustainable use of the world’s water resources. Join us today


World Water Week
28 August - 2 September 2016
Stockholm, Sweden

XVIth IWRA World Water Congress
29 May - 2 June 2017
Cancun, Mexico

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Bridging Science and Policy : It s Not Just a Talking Point

A great read: Gabriel Eckstein writes about the importance of bridging science and policy in tackling crucial water challenges arising from climate change. Chair of of the International Scientific Committee for the XVI World Water Congress, Gabriel writes "To achieve solutions for the multiple water challenges facing our world, we must strengthen the linkages between science and policy".
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XVIth World Water Congress website and Call for Papers

The XVIth IWRA World Water Congress website was launched at:
You can find on this website all the information related to this congress

In addition, the International Scientific Committee (ISC) welcomes papers for oral and posters sessions that aim to incorporate science and policy for the water challenges facing our world. Experts, academics, water professionals, and stakeholders from all disciplines – including science, policy, economics, management, and governance – who wish to present their work and research during the Congress must submit an abstracts from March 16th to September 1st 2016.
You can submit your article online at:


IWRA Update
IWRA Newsletter 2016 - Issue 2 (June 2016)