Brasil Oyapock River (Tom Peyre Costa 2010)
Bubbles (Tom Peyre Costa 2008)
Spain Cabdella (Tom Peyre Costa 2010)
Spain Drought (Tom Peyre Costa2010)

IWRA is an international network of multidisciplinary experts on water resources. We are a non-profit, non-governmental, educational organisation established in 1971. IWRA provides a global, knowledge based, forum for bridging disciplines and geographies by connecting professionals, students, individuals, corporations and institutions who are concerned with the sustainable use of the world’s water resources. Join us today


XVth IWRA World Water Congress
25 - 29 May 2015
Edinburgh, Scotland

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Main theme: "Global Water, a resource for development: Opportunities, challenges and constraints"

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ANEAS Annual Convention & Expo
10-14 November 2014
Yucatan, Mexico
4th Meeting of the OECD-Water Governance Inititative
24-25 November 2014
Paris, France
OECD Global Forum on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus
27-28 November 2014
Paris, France
2nd Mediterranean Water Forum
25-27 November 2014
Murcia, Spain

Arab Water Week 2015
11-15 January 2015
Dead Sea, Jordan
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IWRA launches new Award for Excellence in Water Resources Management !

Institutions that are responsible for water resources management are the frontline for delivering this precious resource for the people and for ensuring the protection of the environment.The newly created IWRA Award for Excellence in Water Resources Management seeks to honour those that have exhibited sustained excellence in water resources management.  The inaugural award will be presented at the 15th World Water Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland that will be held from 25-29 May 2015.

Please send nominations before 10 December 2014 to

Further information about the award and the nomination process.

The Toyoko and Hiroshi Hori Education Fund Grant was given to Mr. Tahlil and Dr. Quahman

Mr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Tahlil (Somalia) Dr. Quahman (Palestine) have been accepted by the Hori Fund Task Force and were awarded this month.
More details about them and about this grant are available on the Hori Fund Webpage.

Crystal Drop and Ven Te Chow Memorial Lecture Awards - Call for Nominations

Nominations are currently being sought for the Crystal Drop Award and for the Ven Te Chow Memorial Lecture Award

Please send nominations before 10 December to the IWRA Executive Office:

Nominations must include:

1. name of person or organization to be nominated;
2. basic information on the candidate, including:
         a. a short curriculum vitae (1000-1200 words)
         b. a description of the most important contributions to be considered for nomination;
3. at least two letters of recommendation from persons other than the nominator

For more information about the procedure please click here.


Brill Research Perspectives, International Water Law
Editor-in-Chief Salman M.A. Salman (2014)

International Water Law

IWRA Update
IWRA Newsletter 2014 - N3 (September 2014)