Brasil Oyapock River (Tom Peyre Costa 2010)
Bubbles (Tom Peyre Costa 2008)
Spain Cabdella (Tom Peyre Costa 2010)
Spain Drought (Tom Peyre Costa2010)

IWRA is an international network of multidisciplinary experts on water resources. We are a non-profit, non-governmental, educational organisation established in 1971. IWRA provides a global, knowledge based, forum for bridging disciplines and geographies by connecting professionals, students, individuals, corporations and institutions who are concerned with the sustainable use of the world’s water resources. Join us today


XVth IWRA World Water Congress
25-29 May 2015
Edinburgh, Scotland

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Main theme: "Global Water, a resource for development: Opportunities, challenges and constraints"

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World Water Week
23-28 August 2015
Stockholm, Sweden

"Innovate to improve irrigation performance" Conference
11-17 October 2015

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Crystal Drop and Ven Te Chow Awards Recipients

Prof Singh received the Cystal Drop Award during the Opening Ceremony of the XVth World Water Congresson Monday 25 May. Prof Mohtar received the Ven Te Chow Award and adressed his lecture about the "Water-Food-Energy Nexus"  on Thursday 28 May.

Award for Excellence in Water Resources Management

The Scottish Government and Dr. David Korenfeld Federman were awarded by the IWRA Award for Excellence in Water Resources Management during the closing ceremony on the XVth World Water Congress, on Friday 29 May.

Water International Best Paper Awardees during the XVTh World Water Congress

Water International Best Paper Awardees (2012, 2013 and 2014) during the Congress Gala Dinner at The Scottish National Museum, on Thursday evening 28 May.


Vol. 40, Issue 2
Water International (March 2015)

IWRA Update
IWRA Newsletter 2015 - N1 (March 2015)